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eRekt as3k$$$ posted Jun 27, 14
We've done our drawing and the three winners for the steam game giveaway! Everyone congratulate the following three people!

7A11 Cst. Steve - 180 Winning Number

The General - 234 Winning Number BUT he declined the game and has opted to pass it on to another random choice:

Bluevoodoo - 85 Winning Number BUT he ALSO declined the game and has opted to pass it on to another random choice:

Razgriz - 13 Winning Number

A Funky Yellow Potato - 69 Winning Number

You have until Thursday to message s3kshun61 at s3kshun61@gmail.com to claim your prize! All unclaimed by the end of the day Wednesday will be re-chosen from all entries before today's drawing.

Free steam game giveaway!

s3kShUn61 as3k$$$ posted Jun 23, 14
We are giving away 3 free steam games this Friday night! To be entered in the free raffle, simply follow the guidelines below!
  • Pick a random number between 1 and 250 and comment it on this post.
  • Anyone with more than one submission will be removed.
A random number generator will be used on livestream on Friday at 8pm EST to choose the three winners. It will continue to pick numbers until 3 winners have been chosen. 
All the winners will be able to pick any game they want from steam that is under $60.00

We will contact the winners through their website account and announce them in this post after the drawing on friday. Make sure to check back if you entered and claim your prize before midnight on Monday!


Wasteland ideas and future updates!

eRekt as3k$$$ posted Jun 23, 14
Hello everyone!

I figured it was time to begin the great reveal for wasteland and go over in depth just what I had planned for it as well. For starters we're going to implement a few strongholds for each of the factions. They will not be spawn points but simply somewhat finished bases for the teams to capture and hold and possibly a nice place to stash a few weapon crates and what not.

That brings me onto the next think I'll get working on and that would be our rewards system. As of right now the only rewards you get for playing on wasteland is that you can get some crates every once and while and maybe 15k-20k every few hours from killing the bounty target and capturing the money truck. Nothing that you can really show off right? For now I'm still working on a few ideas on how to reward the players a bit better but if anyone has any suggestions please feel free to say them!

I'll also be adjusting prices for vehicles and weapons over the coming weeks to average out the playing field for everyone as certain types of weapons and vehicles are too hard to get or too easy to get. Hopefully we'll be able to find a very nice balance between all the weapons. Factors being considered in the pricing of weapons is the effective range, damage per shot, penetration, and availability.

When it comes to missions we're probably all getting bored with the ones that run right now, so I'm going to be changing things up a bit. I'll begin working on a little bit of randomization for the missions so that they all aren't the same. Each mission should be unique in the AI, and reward amount aspects. Speaking of AI, they're pretty bland at the moment and they won't attack players properly. I'll be setting them up so that they will be hard as all hell to defeat to give it a bit more of a challenge.

In the end I hope we can all find these updates to be beneficial towards the wasteland server in the coming weeks and I believe that together we can make a wasteland server like none other.

Have a great day guys!
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