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New Wasteland Updates!

Blackbeard as3k$$$ posted Sun at 20:56
Hello everyone! I'd like to document the updates being pushed to the server! Everything will be explained with just one simple screenshot!


Hello everyone!

As many of you have noticed there have been a few issues with the server and it's been kind of funky the past two or three days. These issues have been taken care of and are completely resolved now and you have nothing to worry about!

We're also looking for all of the s3k members to populate the servers during their low times to drive as many people as possible into the servers.

Happy Gaming
- Blackbeard
Hello everyone! I'm happy to announce that we've bumped our servers CPU up a bit and also done tons of optimizations on the mission to ensure that server performance is 100% at all times. We're shooting for an even faster server in the near future but the player base just isn't there for that yet.

Just as a quick question, how does everyone like the ideas of an ATM/Bank system in Wasteland for money storage while you're offline and as a nice protected stash. The bank accounts would not be hack-able or anything of that sorts. They'd be 100% secure and you'd always have that money available at an ATM on the map. I've seen plenty of other servers with this setup but I've never though about adding it until now.

As for the optimizations, I've looked at increasing the amount of packets set per frame which means no more de-sync due to low frames. I've also adjusted the amount of packets set for entities that are at far distances. This means people crawling around on rocks at far distances should no longer glitch/look glitched. This has not been confirmed yet though.

I'm interested in what everyone has to say about the mission and how things are going so far. Let me know if you see any areas that we can use some change in and whether or not you have ideas on how to change these issues.

Happy Gaming
- Blackbeard

Wasteland Makeover!

Blackbeard as3k$$$ posted Oct 17, 14
The farther and farther we get into this server the more and more you'll see getting changed. First of all I'd like to tell everyone that the server has entirely moved away from the "s3kshun61" name and we've gotten ourselves a new loading image!

If you think anything needs to be changed with that image let me know and give me suggestions! I'll be happy to hear them all!

I'd also like to announce that the stores will be moved back to their old positions sometime this weekend as well as re-adding the "sniper" buttons to the gun stores. A lot of people think that having them classified as regular old rifles is incorrect. The old server had a "sniper" button and I'd like to see the old server live on in the new one! We're also going to be working on the gun runners once the shops are moved back!

Hope everyone is enjoying the server, I'll see you all on!

IP: play.ultimatewasteland.com:2302

New URL!

s3kShUn61 as3k$$$ posted Oct 11, 14
Hey guys so we have a new domain! 

The old domain (s3kshun61gaming.com) will still work until the end of this month then this will become the primary domain for teamspeak and the website!

TS: ts3.s3k.us
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